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MAURO BON (bass / percussion / soundscapes )

The music from his CD "Prehistoric landscapes" , were chosen as the soundtrack of the documentary " The Neanderthal flute " ( " Neanderthalceva piscal ," directed by and produced by TV Jadran Sterle Slovenian Lijubliana ), and also for the following movie in 2009 "The first day of the flute " by director Tugo Stiglic (Studio Vrtinec of Novo Mesto) .
Mauro Bon has collaborated with several artists from Friuli , composing music for installations and art exhibitions. He has directed and wrote the soundrack for a video DVD dedicated to the River Idrija , has collaborated with Graziano Kodermaz on the soundtrack of the documentary : Carlo Michelstaedter 1910-2010 " the mighty wind of persuasion " produced by the province of Gorizia , and the documentary on migration from the town of Renazzo (FE ) at the beginning of the 20th century to the United States.

Furthermore with Graziano Kodermaz , he composed and published songs inspired by and dedicated to wines from a well known manufacturer of the province of Gorizia. He currently plays with the ExposurEnsemble, ( Mauro Bon on bass, Graziano Kodermaz on saxophones, Simone Kodermaz violin, and Roberto Duse guitar) , and with the new trio ... TRION3


SANDRO CARTA (trumpet)

Trumpet player of Nuoro , a self-taught musician, he studied improvisation following seminars by Paolo Fresu .
He plays in various Oberkrainer ensembles (Trio tocai , Popotnikj etc . ) and in some contemporary music ensembles including the TMO ( Topoloska Minimalna Orkestra ) and Tribil Trio.
In 2006 he collaborated on the soundtrack of the Lintver film with the Italian pop singer Elisa .
In 2011 he created soundscapes for the International Festival of Poetry as a soloist and with the Tribil Trio. He has performed in various Italian theaters including Rimini , Trieste , Gorizia, Milan, with a live performance on RAI in September 2010, as well as in Slovenia, Austria and France. Since June 2013, a member of the musical trio TRIon3
















MASSIMO CROCE ( elettrorumorista - electronic noises)

A p
ioneer in the use of analog synthesizers , he continued his sound research using the first PCs designed to make music like the famous ATARI, and the digital samplers of the AKAI series . From 2001 he lived in Cairo , where he was able to develop a sound research based on the theory of music expressed in 1913 by the Futurist painter Luigi Russolo in his manifesto The Art of Noise .
In 2004 he founded the Netlabel ozky e-sound , with which he publishes over the years artists from different countries.
As an organizer of events he has promoted several concerts of a project entitled “Art in the Noise” , between Rome and Ferrara. In 2009 he was called by the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo , to organize an evening event for the celebration of the musical part of the centenary of the Futurist movement .
2010 , he moved in the Natisone Valleys , and participated in the latest editions of the event Stazione Topolò , and started different projects with local artists, as Antonella Bukovaz, Alessandto Ruzzier. Dal June 2013 he is a member of the musical trio TRIon3.

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